Janella Itliong Polack

  • Boston, MA

Hello! I'm an analytical product designer who solves problems for users people.

I love working on products from discovery to implementation.
My process values collaborative workshops, qualitative research, and intuitive design systems. My experience ranges from early-stage startups to large corporations.

Outside of work, you can find me:

  • Teaching workout classes 💪
  • Mentoring young women & non-binary folx via BUILT BY GIRLS
  • Hiking in the mountains 🏔
  • Making bad dad jokes in improv comedy troupes

    Say hello at janpolack@gmail.com 📬

  • Education

    UX Certification at Nielson Normal Group

    📝Service Blueprinting
    📈Omnichannel Journeys and Customer Experience
    💡Generating Big Ideas with Design Thinking
    🖥Web Page UX Design
    📲UX Basic Training

    Member at Interaction Design Foundation (IDF)

    B.A. Graphic Design at American University

    Washington, DC


    Product Designer at Convene

    Product Designer at Procter & Gamble (Alchemy)

    Advisor at BUILT BY GIRLS

    UX Lead at Struct Club

    Experience Design Apprentice at Accenture Digital

    UX/UI Freelancer at Local Startups (Galaxy.AI, Subwhisper, Factor)

    Graphic Design Intern at American Association for Justice

    Design Intern at RenewU Fitness