Food For Thought App

Each Saturday, The DC chapter of Food Not Bombs takes excess food donations from local grocers to cook and distribute meals at the only DC park that allows food donations.

In order to fight hunger and reduce food waste, we created a system that connects volunteers with food donors to easily integrate into their lifestyles.

  • Role User Research, UX Design, Storyboarder, Videographer
  • For Food Not Bombs DC
  • Type Mobile Experience App
  • Exhibition 2017 American University Design Show

Connect to Fight Hunger

The Problem

Food banks are busy. Finding donors is hard. Most importantly, communication is key. But volunteers and grocery stores barely communicate, leading to disorganized or nonexistent donations.

The Solution

The app Food for Thought connects volunteers with food donors. It
allows volunteers to find food pick-ups that work with their availability, schedule
food pick-ups through the app, and and get directly in contact with donors.
It’s a two-person process

STEP 1: Donors – Post your food donations.
STEP 2: Volunteers – Find a donor that fits your needs. Send a pick-up request.
STEP 3: Donors: Accept their request and await the date.
STEP 4: Volunteers: When the time comes, head on over there

Mission: Complete. How Food For Thoughtful!

Assist the Users

User testing with paper prototypes showed us: 1) How can donors best see they have a pick-up request?

2) When filling out request or post information, is all info needed?

3) Users weren’t sure what to do next after making a post. Then what?

4) Do donors having one-time posting vs weekly ones create confusion?
Team Members

My Role
UX design (wireframes)
User research (interviews, storyboards)
Videographer (script, storyboards, filming)

Milvia Herrera
UX/UI design, user research (interviews)

Julienne DeVita
UX/UI design, logo design, video editing