Design Show Branding System

At the end of their spring semester, American University’s design department hosts an annual show, featuring their students' work. Particularly, graduating seniors' projects. As they approach graduation, seniors prepare to ascend towards their careers and independence.

Thus brought the concept: to take flight.

  • Role Design, Layout, Ideation, Photography
  • For American University Graphic Design Department
  • Type Branding System

We Are Ready to Take Flight

As seniors reach to the skies and have their goals take off, I wanted to create a branding system that reflected this intimidating yet critical life stage.

To give invitees a chance to interact with their flight-related invitation, origami paper planes provided a symbolic innocence, and a chance for invitees to easily make something of their own.

The Invitation

Invitation with paper plane instructions

Paper Plane Installation

In their shared building, the design department is often overshadowed by other program’s installations and art work. It was time for their turn to be seen.

Careers, independence, self-discovery – all big and daunting, yet engaging. Similarly, to those out of the community, AU Design can appear intimidating – but is actually accessible.


Inspired by large-scale marketing installations, I created a marketing installation that gets in your face to let you know we’re here but welcome all.

Render to Reality

Small-scale test run feat. my closet.

With superglue, dental floss, and many paper planes, I constructed the full-scale installation in American University’s Katzen Rotunda – where the Design Show takes place.

Below is the full-scale installation.