Let's Move! PSA

This public service announcement video is to raise awareness for the Let’s Move! public health campaign.

Led by First Lady Michelle Obama, the initiative’s goal is to reduce childhood obesity and encourage healthy lifestyles amongst kids.

  • Type Stop Motion
  • Exhibition 2017 American University Design Show

Photo Process

Using cut-out photos to represent polaroids, crafting, and nostalgia - I originally wanted to do photo manipulation in After Effects. But despite learning how to collapse vectors, my iterations weren't looking too hot. With a quick deadline, I switched to overhead photography.

Influenced by my commercial photography class, I aimed to keep a lighthearted, minimalist treatment to a serious topic.

I focused on using common kids objects (toys, sweets) to numerically reveal the health issues that’ve resulted from overusing these items.
Lighting: tungsten fixtures.

Below is my sister. She visited me from CA for my birthday weekend.
Little did she know her hand would cameo.