Mixity App

Mixity creates a music discovery experience that allows users to find and listen to new music based on upcoming concerts in a chosen city.

  • For Accenture Digital: Apprentice Project
  • Type Info Architecture, UI/UX
  • Time 7 weeks

The Goal

From discovering local, underground shows to listening to nation-wide Top 40s on the radio, we’re often on the hunt for what and where is the next best thing in music. To combine personal music discovery with curiosity of locations, Mixity brings city-based songs to users.

This project was – conceived and built in 7 weeks – during Accenture Digital's Apprentice Program at Intrepid Pursuits. Mixity was designed and developed for both iOS and Android.

I worked side-by-side with another designer, 3 iOS developers, and 3 Android developers – all members of the Apprentice Program. Within the 7 weeks, I iterated on initial high-fidelity wireframes, syncing with the engineers to begin implementing MVP functionality with SeatGeek and Spotify’s APIs. I met with the client 2-3 times a week to go over updated user research, wireframes, visual design, and mockups.

Based on client conversations, our MVP goal was personal music discovery while prioritizing Spotify Premium members.

App Flow & Wireframes


Upon entering the app, the user is prompted with a login via Spotify Premium. Based on client feedback, the MVP was prioritized for only Spotify Premium members. If a user doesn’t have a Premium account, then they’re provided with a value carousel of what Mixity has to offer.


Users can browse through 30 hardcoded cities' playlists, beginning with 5 featured cities pulled from the list. This is a jumping-off point by providing what locations are most popular, and encouraging users to develop curiosity to dive deeper into what’s good, where. Users can also activate location settings to keep their city at the top.

City Playlist

Each City Playlist is a living playlist, showing songs from artists performing in that city that month. Users can shuffle, favorite, and save it into their Spotify account as a specialized playlist for that month. Using SeatGeek’s API, Mixity finds the city's upcoming shows, artists, and their respective genres. Mixity then uses Spotify API to pull the top 2 songs from each musician, filling the playlist.

Music Player

Users can share the song via social media, or save the individual song in Spotify. Users can navigate back to its original playlist via the Music Player.

Wireframe Overview

Look & Feel


As a call to retro concert posters, we wanted to recreate bits of this attitude by utilizing bold, strong typography overlapping on colorful or photographic backgrounds. We also took a modern take on the look and feel, adapting it to be more minimalist and flexible for album art.

With this look and feel, we provided two directions for the client, shown below. The client chose Option 2, and we took elements from both options in order to best showcase Mixity’s brand.

Logo & Branding Colors

Login & Spotify Authorization

While having a hand in designing both Android and iOS, I headed the Android designs and dev support.

Music Discovery

Specifying Music Preference